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The Waukesha Xtreme Dance team was founded many years ago, when the Waukesha School District decided to change their athletics and no longer provide dance teams at the middle school level.  Sandra Feller, who was the Butler Middle School dance coach at the time, decided to start her own dance program. Our purpose is to provide children 2 years of age thru 8th grade the opportunity to discover, develop, and unlock their fullest potential as a dancer and student. We provide opportunities and experiences for every dancer who makes the team to constantly improve their individual skills. We encourage dancers to learn and develop the essential skills to perform and showcase their talent as a competitive dancer. It is our goal to prepare each dancer for competitive dance during middle school so that they are prepared for high school dance teams.  We are dedicated to community involvement and we believe in providing unique opportunities for personal growth to every dancer on the team. We strive to inspire each dancer to achieve excellence, show respect to all and exhibit integrity in all aspects of their life. 


The Waukesha Xtreme Dance Team goals are to encourage a love for dance, to promote involvement in our community, to be a positive role model for peers, to provide each dancer with the confidence, sense of accomplishment and an extended family in the world of dance.

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